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A button-based dialogue builder for creating interactive landing pages and widgets for websites and web applications.


Welcome to the documentation for the Quick service (qsbot.app). Quick is a service for quickly creating widgets and landing pages in a button-based dialogue format.

Landing bot pages deliver content in a unified and user-friendly manner, presenting information in a structured and digestible way, and they have a high conversion rate for desired actions. Quick is designed to have no blind spots, making it easy to generate high-quality leads even from cold traffic.


Create an interactive experience on Quick instead of a traditional website or landing page. Easily convey information through dialogue. Use Quick as a link in social media and advertising campaigns. Quick captures attention and is effective even when dealing with very cold traffic. Test any hypotheses. Formulate ideas and test their effectiveness in quick advertising campaigns.

Quick is actively used by medical centers, digital commerce businesses for selling complex products, product teams, startups, and service providers (from hair salons to development teams).

Getting Started:

The service documentation is continually updated based on user questions and new functionality. Getting started with the service is easy, and you don't need to be a developer. To create compelling interactives and achieve results, you just need to know how to communicate. The service is straightforward. Creating landing bots and widgets with a landing bot for external websites is easy.


It's a great way to tell a customer about an offer in the format of a dialogue landing page, or as an extension to your existing project.

The gamified design of the content focuses the user's attention and allows you to effectively convey your ideas and thoughts to the user. There is a lower chance that a user will skip over important information.

Quickspeak allows you to focus on the essence of your offer and save time on developing landing pages.

The project is assembled fantastically quickly. Inside the dialogue, even six exchanges may be enough to create a sense of a complete and interesting dialogue content for the customer.

Features of the Quickspeak constructor

The classic concept of a scripted chatbot assumes a linear sequence of remarks with branches as the dialogue progresses. The disadvantage of this approach is the excessive number of lines and frequent repetitions within the dialogue.

In Quickspeak, the dialogue development format does not have a single set sequence. Replicas are connected to each other not linearly, but in a KEY-VALUE format. That is, for each replica, dialog buttons act as keys to other replicas, which in turn also have key buttons to subsequent replicas.

Thanks to the data structuring format, when developing a dialogue, there is no need to duplicate content to add the same lines in different scenarios. All the user needs to do is create interesting and thoughtful remarks. The user experience, in turn, becomes more free and diverse. A button bot can be really flexible.